Battling the Beige

Caleb is adamant about the Christian rock. Someone gave him the digits for the big Christian rock station, and so now he dials them in on his radio. Ordinarily I wouldn’t allow any radio other than baseball games, but since it’s rock about Jesus, I feel wicked telling him no. It’s not the Jesus part I’m opposed to, after all, just the unartful licks and painfully trite lyrics.

In an effort to steer the boy in a better direction, I made a CD for him. He refused outright my offer to put on some blues or jazz. “Christian rock, Dad. I want Christian rock.” I told him that’s what I’d put on there, only some that’s better than what he’s likely to hear on the radio.

So I loaded it up with tolerable Christian rock. Lifehouse, because their lyrics are thoughtful. Jars of Clay because their Who We Are Instead album has some nice gospel-sounding, bluesy numbers. Kutless because if you’re going to do Christian rock, then let’s rock. As Sheryl Crow says, this ain’t no disco.

I also put on a Sam Cooke gospel number, along with Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.” Redemption can be a slow process. One song at a time, I’m going to win this boy back from the beige side.


  1. Jason

    There are some great rock/pop bands who are Christian, but who aren’t in the limited Christian genre: U2, P.O.D., Collective Soul, and Arrested Development, among others.

    And hey, Matisyahu is Orthodox Jewish, but a lot of the messages are the same. No Jesus obviously, but lots of God and Old Testament/Torah. And the beats are so dope.

  2. Tom

    Highly recommend “Casting Crowns”; their music is powerful, the lyrics anything but trite!
    One song to give a listen to is ‘There is a Reason’ from Alison Krauss.

  3. Evan Kincade

    If you wanted your son to experience more worship-styled rock music, I’d recommend Leeland. Their first album, “Sound of Melodies”, is deep, well thought out, and has great music.

    Also, a band who was formed at my church named “An Opiate For Angels” has their first album up on iTunes. I’d highly recommend it if you are looking for more worship-styled rock. I haven’t heard an album quite like it. They use a cornucopia of different instruments that are definitely on the eccentric side.

    This is all coming from a youth so take that as you will!

  4. Chris H

    Okay, I might take flak for this, but since I can finally post comments here, I’m taking advantage, by inflicting on you my picks:

    Larry Norman
    Phil Keaggy (best. guitar. ever.)
    Petra (Jekyll and Hyde is amazing)

  5. Mont D. Law

    It was David Byrne not Cheryl Crowe.

    A gift from Reagan’s ’80s.

    “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco
    this ain’t no fooling around
    No time for dancing, or lovey dovey
    I ain’t got time for that now”

  6. Marc V

    I took my ten y.o. to see Skillet a few months ago. You can give Caleb a real “treat” and let him listen to a Christian heavy-metal station out of Dallas on the computer/internet (can’t remember the station name/number). I sometimes worry about my son, in that if he’s listening to heavy-metal now, where is his head going to be in five years?

    Third Day is touring with Switchfoot, and I may take him AND the soon-to-be six y.o. boy to the concert in Raleigh. Unfortunately all I can afford are lawn seats about a quarter mile away from the stage. Ah well, it’s still a concert … oh yeah, Jars of Clay is also on the bill.

  7. Betsy

    Switchfoot, mentioned above, is a great band. Two others you might dig are Needtobreathe and Starfield. All three offered pure, not watered down, rock. The ‘message’ isn’t always clear, but if you listen the lyrics will blow you away.

  8. Stuart Buck

    I second the recommendation of Leeland. A couple of superb bands with Christian members but whose music isn’t necessarily in the “Christian” market are: Eisley (they’ve toured with Coldplay) and Deas Vail (one of the best tenor rock voices out there).

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