Smarty Pants

I’m painting in my new writer’s haven (read: small corner office in our barn). Isaac is standing right beside me, which is apparently his favorite place.

“Careful Dad, that’s a wasp.”

“It’s a spider, Isaac.”

“No it isn’t. It’s a little wasp.”

“It’s a spider.”


“Son, I’ve been alive for 40 years now, and I’ve seen my share of spiders and wasps. It’s a spider.”

“Dad, I’ve seen tons of wasps. Don’t tell me. It’s a wasp.”

Sigh. “Fine.”

He puts a protective little hand on my arm. “Be careful. He might sting you.”

I always figured they’d realize soon enough that they’re smarter than me, but I always thought my age advantage would carry some weight with them at least into their teenage years. Oh well.


  1. nichole

    You’re not alone. When our daughter started kindergarten she told family and friends, “I have to start school now because mom and dad don’t have anything left to teach me.” Ouch.

  2. mark

    Dude, I see your future. You’ll never be as stupid as you are when your kids are teenagers. Just wait, and good luck.

    (Did the wasp sting hurt?)

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