The Snorkels are Packed Away

I’m happy to report that we fared better than the poor people in Galveston. At one point our house was entirely surrounded by water, some of it rushing quite fiercely. But we weathered the weather, and soon we’ll be able to search our back acres for the play equipment that was swept away in the rush.

Wife and I waded out into cold water up to our waists to save the trampoline, which was an adventure in and of itself. We dragged it and a bunch of other things inside a fence behind our barn, and then wrestled the two gates closed, and let it all swirl around in there the rest of the night, praying the water wouldn’t take the fence down.

At one point I went behind our house, hammered a stake into the mud, and tied a rag at water level, just to keep an eye on the water’s rise. Soon the water covered most of the stake, and was rising against our retaining wall. So I parked my truck on the other side of the gathering moat, in case we needed to make a getaway. And did I mention the snakes? Everywhere.

The upside is that my pond, the one in which I killed all the fish, has been de-algaefied and restocked. So now I have a fresh new stock of victims to slowly murder by mismanaging the ecosystem. Our lazy, do-nothing dog, meanwhile, thought this was the best thing that ever happened. She frolicked in the rain and wallowed around in the mud and generally had herself a grand old time. I didn’t think it was possible for her to smell worse, but indeed it was.

All in all we faired pretty well, and learned a thing or two about what needs to be chained down in the future. And the thing is, so long as Wife and babies never float away, I’ll always be rich. The church says you’re supposed to store up your treasures in heaven, but almost all of my treasure is right here.


  1. Marc V

    If you’re getting your water from a well (and I assume you would out in the sticks) be very careful about drinking it. You may want to run the well a good bit after the floodwaters recede, to flush out any potential bad stuff, and then pour a gallon or two of bleach down the well (and then more well flushing). If you can find some place to give you a quick water analysis after doing all of that, it would be money well spent.

  2. Deb

    My in-laws found out something new about sump pumps this weekend. It seems there are holes through which the water flows into the sump. These holes had clogged over time. They thought their sump failed in the midst of the incessant downpours, and found out after the rain ceased that they had wronged the pour thing. The upshot is their basement flooded. As soon as they cleaned out the holes, the sump ran for four hours straight!

  3. Kevin Holtsberry

    We had an interesting few days. No rain just high winds that knocked out our power. Makes you realize how dependent you are on that electricity stuff.

    We cooked a bunch of meat on the grill so it wouldn’t go bad and had a nice little picnic in the backyard.

    Still don’t have internet access at home and cable is intermittent, but I guess I can survive. 🙂

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