Everyone thinks his doesn’t stink

Isaiah has learned, whenever he detects a strong odor, to say, “Phew! That stinky!” This seems to have universal application. In a greasy spoon with the strong smell of grilled onions: “Phew! That stinky!” After intruding on one of his brothers during a bathroom visit: “Phew! That stinky!” Near the dog: “Phew! Sadie stinky!”

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that this exclamation has near-universal application, because the last time I changed one of his stinkier diapers, he said, “Phew! That smell good!”

Which is probably an extremely unsophisticated version of what lots of politicians and bankers were thinking last year. And here I was under the impression that this delusion begins in graduate school…


  1. Russell

    What a perfect analogy. There are a lot of dirty diapers that need changing in Washington and here they are thinking that they all smell like perfume

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