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Scouting the handbook

In Friday’s Wall Street Journal I assess the state of the Boy Scout Handbook after 100 years of revisions:

Scouts founders hoped the BSA could remain above politics and address character. They couldn’t anticipate the day when a future honorary Scout president would insist that the word “is” has debatable meanings.


And yes, if you read all the way to the byline, you’ll see I have a book coming out this spring. I’m sorry, dear readers, that you had to find out from someone else like that. I kept meaning to tell you, but then I thought I’d wait until I could get some nifty buttons for you to click through to each of the major booksellers who have it available for pre-order, and then we got some lovely new cover art and so I figured I should wait until that was what one sees at the booksellers’ websites, and so on and so on, and so now you know. It’s a memoir called Somewhere More Holy, and in every chapter I tell the stories of a room in our house, the death and life, the mourning and joy, faith gained and lost and somehow found again.

So if you’re suitably inclined, feel free to skip on over to one of the following booksellers and get yourself a copy on pre-order, at a discount over the list price. Who knows, if you get enough of your friends and neighbors to buy a copy, maybe I’ll come visit your neck of the woods, eat some of your food, and tell you some stories.


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