Good intentions

The University of Virginia has adopted a tough new policy that requires student criminals to self-report arrests. In other news, local fraternities are being nicely asked to send flower bouquets to every co-ed who finds herself taken advantage of on their premises, professors are admonished to report to their students the number of times they skim a term paper without really reading it, and monkeys are politely encouraged to fly.


  1. Tom

    The lack of common sense behind this is astounding. I clicked through to the original article as I assumed that should the student lie they would face expulsion, but the punishment is even more severe – they face an “honor code” violation.

    Were it not so sad I would find it humorous that the UVa President puts so much faith in a virtue the educational establishment has done so much to deride and minimize over the past 30+ years

  2. Reputo

    “monkeys are politely encouraged to fly.”

    I guess all the pigs took flight when people believed that Health Care Reform would lower costs.

  3. Liz

    I’m fairly sure Tony knows this, but an honor code violation at the University of Virginia does in fact mean near-certain expulsion.

  4. Tom

    Apparently Liz is right and my face is red. The fourth hit on a google search states that there is but one sanction for an honor code violation at UVa and that is expulsion.

    I assume, in another attempt to make a fool of myself, that the reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch didn’t mention this as it’s well known in Virginia.

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