1. Ed Chinn

    Excellent article. Of course, it helps that I’m from Kansas. I was right there in Hutchinson with you. And, I remember the buttered corn so hot you could brand cattle with them. So funny.

  2. diane

    I’ve lived within walking distance of the Wisconsin State Fair my entire life (in fact, I rather thought it was a local thing until I was in my teens – not too swift on the uptake, me). Our attendence went up another 5% this year, to around 950K. Not bad, considering the fairgrounds are landlocked in a suburb of Milwaukee.

    There is something magical about the fair, and you either get it – or you don’t. One can only hope those who do are the ones making the decisions in the future.

  3. Claudia

    I loved your “love affair with fairs” article. The part about sending our kids flying on those lighted metal contraptions made me laugh…twice! -Claudia D’Avanzo, Atlanta

  4. b

    I thank God that “no matter how sophisticated we become, a life-size statue of Elvis sculpted from 800 pounds of butter will always fascinate us.”

  5. Marc V

    If you have the time and $$, it’s fun to visit other state fairs. I’ve been to a few, and they each have their own ambience with all built on a foundation of fair food, rides and critters. People watching is a bonus.

    Speaking of Elvis:

    Take … me to the fair.
    Take me to the fair don’t know anywhere
    I would rather be.
    Let’s go to the fair,
    We’ll go hand-in-hand to tomorrow-land,
    Honey you and me.

  6. Amy

    We went to the San Diego county fair this summer. There were certainly some things about it that were charming, and enjoyable, but I think it must be a lot more expensive than the kind of state fair you describe. We bought $15 worth of tickets for one rollercoaster ride, had some very expensive (and yummy) fair food, and taught the kids important life lessons about blowing your money on rigged carnival games that “look so easy”. Then we all agreed that the flat-fee admission of a six flags or other theme park, while less charming, makes for a much better family outing. Everything was so expensive that even the kids didn’t ask to go on another ride! We can experience that kind of bloodletting at Dave & Busters down the road, while sitting in a comfortable chair with a beer!

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